The stories of Syrian refugees

The European Council on Refugees an Exiles (ECRE) has recently published two interviews reporting on the Syrian refugee crisis.

Read the interviews here:

  •  Interview with Azzam, a 23 years old refugee from Syria settled in Belgium. His story is about his decision to leave, the difficulties of settling in a new country and his dream of getting his family to a safe place. Azzam is focusing all his efforts on getting help for his brother to try to persuade the Belgian authorities to allow him to stay with his two siblings instead of returning him to Italy, the first European country he entered.
  • Interview with Hesham Issa, Country Director of AMERA Egypt, about the situation of Syrian refugees and other persons in need of protection in Egypt: “In Egypt, Syrians in detention are forced to sign declarations indicating that they are willing to leave the country voluntarily and then buy their own tickets to return to Syria”