Support us


Do you wish to make a donation to NOAS ? We are grateful for all contributions!

This is how you donate:

  • VIPPS: Send the desired amount by the app VIPPS to NOAS’ number 74798.
  • SMS: Send NOAS to 2160 and support us with NOK 100. You can also type NOAS200 or NOAS500 for a greater amount.
  • Bank account: You can pay the desired amount to our bank account:  6011 05 44092. Mark the payment with ‘donation’.

Donate regularly

If you want to contribute with a regular amount, you can do one of the following:

  • SMS: Send ‘BIDRA START’ to 2160 and give NOK 40 a month. Or send ‘BIDRA START 100’ to 2160 and give NOK 100 a month.
  • Bank account: Transfer a regular amount to our bank account: 6011 05 44 092.

Tax reduction

Gifts to humanitarian organisations like NOAS can be withdrawn from your income in Norway so the tax is reduced. There is a minimum amount of NOK 500 a year. The maximum amount is NOK 12 000. We need your personal number to register you for tax reduction. You can fill out this form to register. The information in the form is encrypted for your safety.