Suggests Lampedusa for the Peace Prize

The Italian writer and freelance reporter Fabrizio Gatti has initiated an international campaign for signatures, asking that next year’s Nobel Peace Prize goes to the Italian island Lampedusa. The Mediterraneanisland Lampedusa is the port of Europe for many African asylum seekers and economic migrants. They go through great dangers using smuggler’s routes through the Sahara and onwards from the coast of Libya in over-crowded smaller boats. As a reporter, Gatti has travelled together with refugees and other migrants, using human smugglers through the Sahara and across the Mediterranean Ocean. His book “Bilal – My undercover journey in the modern slave trade” describes the cynical game over refugee’s lives and money. The book was published in Norwegian by Aschehoug in 2012.

Read more about the nomination campagin here:

Contact Gatti: fabrigatti(a)yahoo.it