So You Think You Can Stay?

Amir Najjer was tortured by masked men and accused of cooperating with Israeli troops. In Norway, his application for asylum has been rejected. The authorities say he can go to Gaza, although UNHCR recommends that no one is returned there. Now Amir has entered the game show So You THink You Can Stay and hopes the Norwegian public will think differently about his case.

See Amir’s audition here.

So You Think You Can Stay is not a real game show. It is a campaign from NOAS. The film has been made pro bono for NOAS by Fantefilm.

So You Think You Can Stay gives a face to a group of people who often receive negative media attention: Rejected asylum seekers. We wish to show that also most people in this category have good reasons to leave their home country and seek protection in Norway. Norwegian asylum policy is strict and many people are rejected in contradiction with UNHCR’s recommendations.

The stories of the contestants are based on real asylum cases that NOAS engages in through legal aid. Asylum seekers in Norway are rejected for the same reasons as the contestants in So You Think You Can Stay.

NOAS works for granting protection to those who need it.


Share the film and the campaign website and help the contestants win the Norwegian public’s voices.