NOAS launches the webpage ‘Become wiser’

“People will die, people will be (gang) raped, and 8 year olds will be beaten up in attempted robberies with today’s asylum/integration politics”

“The idiotically naïve intake of happiness seekers like you guys, who are on benefits as soon as you get in, must stop”

This is how asylum seekers are talked about online. NOAS wants to pull trolls who spread such hateful messages out from the comment fields and into the light, and to meet them with information and knowledge.

Our answer is the webpage ‘Become wiser’ (bliklokere.no). We encourage all who react on incorrect and hateful comments about asylum seekers online to answer those comments, tagging them with #bliklokere – become wiser. Then the post and its writer will be posted on the webpage bliklokere.no, and NOAS will answer the comment with knowledge about the subject.

In this way you can be part of a movement that talks some reason to the trolls, and as important: Get people to think twice before they spread hate, prejudice and untruthfulness online.

Become wiser!

(The above are real quotes from the comment fields of Norwegian online papers, free translation from Norwegian)
(The webpage bliklokere.no is only available in Norwegian)