New scheme for some forcibly returned families

The new scheme for some families who were forcibly returned from Norway was applied Monday 15 June. The scheme implies that some families with children who had stayed in Norway for a long period can now have their cases reconsidered.

The scheme applies to children who had been in Norway for more than four years and who were forcibly returned between 1 July 2014 and 18 March 2015. The children’s families and siblings who were also in Norway are included.

Not all the children who get a new consideration, will get leave to remain and be brought back to Norway. The authorities’ practice is currently that children must generally have lived in Norway for more than 4 ½ years and gone to school for at least one year in order to get leave to remain. Also children with strong attachmend to Norway risk rejection if there are reasons against giving a permit, for example if the family has given false information about identity.

NOAS offers free legal aid to all families who are included in the scheme.

Read the authorities’ information about the scheme here.