Legal aid for permanent residence permit

Which cases can NOAS assess?

NOAS will only provide counselling and legal aid to those who are a resettlement refugee or have applied for asylum in Norway and on the basis of application for asylum have been granted residence permit in Norway.

Send your case to NOAS

If you want NOAS to review your case, you must send us a written power of attorney, and copies of the documents in your case.

Documents you must send if you want NOAS to look at your case:

  • Power of attorney with signature
  • Decision for residence permit (protection
    or humanitarian grounds)
  • Any rejection on application for a
    permanent residence permit

If you have other documentation and/or information
that you find important for your case, you can send it to us.

How long does it take?

We will review your case as soon as possible. Due to limited capacity, it will often take several months before we review your case. NOAS will always try to prioritize the cases that are urgent. However, there is no guarantee that we choose to engage in your case.

NOAS` assessment of your case

NOAS assess all the cases we receive. We prioritize cases where we believe there is a real opportunity to change the outcome.

In our assessment, we emphasize for example:

  • The assistance you have received in your case.
  • If there is new and important information in your case that UDI/UNE has not already assessed and which could give a different outcome in your case.

If we do not believe we can change the outcome in your case, we will let you know and explain why.