Legal aid in asylum cases after rejection from UDI or UNE

NOAS offers free legal aid in asylum cases. All asylum seekers who have had their claims rejected by The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) or the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE), can have NOAS consider their asylum cases. We review all the cases we receive.

Where NOAS thinks there is a possibility of overturning the negative decision and receive a positive decision, we write to the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) on behalf of the asylum seeker, in the same way as a lawyer. If we do not think it is possible to overturn the negative decision, we will let you know this and explain why this is our conclusion.

Send your case to NOAS

If you want NOAS to review your case, you must send us a written Power of Attorney, and copies of the documents in your asylum case.

Documents you should send if you wish NOAS to review your asylum case:

  • Power of Attorney (NOAS form – see below)
  • Police registration form
  • Asylum interview
  • The UDI’s decision in the asylum case (First negative)
  • The lawyer’s appeal to the UDI
  • Any UNE decision (Second negative)
  • Any appeal(s) to change UNE’s decision
  • Any further UNE decisions
  • Any new information in your case that has not been considered by UNE

If you lack any documents, you can get a copy from your lawyer. If you have other information than the one mentioned here, and you think is of importance to your asylum case, please send it to us.


You can send the documents to us either by post of fax:
Postal address: NOAS, Torggata 22, 0183 Oslo

Secure e-mail

How long does it take?

We will review your case as soon as we can. NOAS receives a large number of cases and has limited capacity to review them. It will therefore often take several months before we are able to look at your case. We will always try to prioritize cases that are in urgent need of review. When we have looked at your case, we will contact you and let you know whether or not we can offer you our help.

NOAS’ assessment of your case

NOAS reviews all cases that are sent to us. We receive many cases, and must prioritize cases where there are real chances for overturning the negative decision.

We will especially consider the following when reviewing a case:

  • The quality of the help you have received from your lawyer. If your lawyer has done everything that should be done, NOAS will normally not engage in your case.
  • Whether there is a realistic chance that the immigration authorities will change their decision in your case. A decision from the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) is final. The authorities have decided that you should not be granted protection or leave to remain on other grounds. It is very difficult to change a final decision.
  • Whether there is new and important information in your case that the immigration authorities have not already considered and that could lead to a different result in your case.

If we do not think it is possible to overturn the negative decision, we will let you know this and explain why this is our conclusion.