Free legal aid to long-staying children

Do you know families with children under 18 who have lived in Norway for many years, and who are at risk of being deported? Tell them to contact NOAS for free legal aid! NOAS wants contact with all these families, including those who already have a lawyer working on their case.

The Government has adopted new rules on when long-staying children should be given permission to stay. On 1 July 2014, a one-off solution for long-staying children was introduced. This autumn, new permanent rules for long-staying children will be introduced.

In order for a case to be reviewed again under the new rules, all families must send a new appeal. Families risk deportation if they do not send a new appeal – even if they fulfill the criteria for permission to stay under the new rules.

To write an appeal is difficult, and families will need help when writing it. The new rules are complicated, and it is difficult to know which information must be sent to the immigration authorities. The immigration authorities do not review cases on their own initiative, and legal aid is not provided to families. The parents of long-staying children are not allowed to work, and few can afford to pay a lawyer.

To ensure that all these children can have their case reviewed again, a national campaign works to secure these children legal aid. Through fundraising and finding lawyers who will work for free, we want to give all long-staying children the chance to have their case reviewed again under the new rules. NOAS is responsible for administering the campaign, and will also provide legal aid.

In order to reach the relevant families, we depend on help to spread this information. We also want to be contacted by families who already have a lawyer, in order to know how their case is progressing and if we can provide assistance to their lawyer or provide more information.

Families who have children under 18 and who have been in Norway for more than three years, please contact NOAS.

Email us at rettshjelpsdugnad@noas.org or call 22 36 56 60.


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