What we do

The Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) is an independent membership organisation working to advance asylum seekers’ rights in Norway. NOAS assists asylum seekers at different stages of the asylum process:


NOAS’ information and guidance programme offers information and advice to newly-arrived asylum seekers in Norway. We offer information about the process of seeking asylum, criteria for protection, about the rights and obligations of asylum seekers in Norway, and we offer advice on what to expect and how to prepare for the asylum interview.

The information programme is a separate division of NOAS, its offices are located at the reception center in Råde and reception transitory center for unaccompanied minors at Mysebu in Østfold.

Legal aid

NOAS offers free legal aid in asylum cases. Asylum seekers who have had their claims rejected by the The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) or the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE), can have NOAS consider their asylum case. Where NOAS thinks there is a possibility of overturning the negative decision, we write to UNE on behalf of the asylum seeker. We are successful in about half of the cases we engage in.

NOAS is collaborating with some law firms who can take selected asylum cases for trial in court. These are cases where NOAS has engaged by appealing to the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE), but unsuccessfully. NOAS’ case workers will assess each such case and consider if it is suitable for further trial in court.


In addition to providing legal aid in individual cases, NOAS advocates for improved asylum policy and praxis. We are in contact with politicians and bureaucrats, working to see that Norwegian authorities follow United Nation’s recommendations and respect human rights. We write reports on subjects that in our view demand extra attention.

We also participate in the asylum debate, talking to journalists and giving lectures and talks in front of different audiences. NOAS has created a Norwegian website, ‘Rikets tilstand på asylfeltet’, summing up the political developments in the asylum field in Norway.