Long-staying children

Long-staying children are children who have lived several years in Norway without leave to remain. The authorities’ practice is currently that children must generally have lived in Norway for more than 4 ½ years and gone to school for at least one year in order to get leave to remain. In many cases an even longer stay is required because what is best for the child is wayed up against so-called immigration regulating concerns. The governmentchanged the ordinary rules for long-staying children in December 2014. Read more about this here.

The ‘one-time-solution’
The first of July 2014 an additional set of rules were put in practice, namely the ‘one-time-solution’ that applies to some of the long-staying-children. Read more about who can be considered for this solution here (in Norwegian)

Returned families who get a new consideration
Families who were forcefully returned between 1 July 2014 and 18 March 2015 and who had been in Norway for more than four years when they were returned, can have a new consideration of their case. Read more about this here (in Norwegian). 

Call for free legal aid
NOAS has lauched a call offering free legal aid to all families with long-staying children.

We prioritize two categories of cases; 1) the cases of children who have lived in Norway for at least four years and where the children have gone to school for at least one year, 2) the cases of children where the ‘one-time-solution’ may be applied. NOAS will first treat the cases of the children who have stayed in Norway the longest. Children who are under school age or who have less than four years’ stay have no grounds for leave to remain in Norway with today’s practice, and these cases will not be prioritized. Our possibility to help in the cases of long-staying children will also generally depend upon how much money we can fundraise for our call. All families who register their cases with us will get individual feedback.  All registered cases will get individual feedback. 

More information about how to proceed if you would like NOAS to review a case under this call, you may find here.

Our goal is to reach all long-staying children through the call. To make this happen, we need funds to do so. Send NOASbarn to 2160 and give 100 NOK or give an amount to bank account number 6012 05 72701. The money will go directly to free legal aid for long-staying children.