Do you wish to become a member of NOAS?

For membership, send an e-mail to our organisational advisor Line Khateeb, listing your name, address, e-mail address and what type of membership you wish to have. You need a Norwegian postal address to become a member of NOAS.

Organisational advisor Line Khateeb:

  • line.khateeb(a)
  • Telephone: 950 90 938

Types of membership:

  • NOK 300,- per year
  • NOK 100,- per year (students and asylum seekers)
  • NOK 1200,- per year (companies, organisations and reception centers)

Do you wish to give NOAS a donation? Vi are grateful for all contributions.
You can pay the desired amount to our bank account:  6011 05 44092. Mark this amount with ‘gift’.

Thank you for your contribution and for supporting asylum seeker’s rights in Norway!