Also in Norway the myth that 'immigrants take our jobs' is thriving. Photo: Screen shot VG Debatt

European myth busters

Writers from the Guardian, Le Monde, El País, Süddeutsche Zeitung and La Stampa address some common claims about migration and assess whether they are true in their country in a new article.
Rettshjelpsbilde til NOAS-nettsider

Free legal aid to long-staying children

Do you know families with children under 18 who have lived in Norway for many years, and who are at risk of being deported? Tell them to contact NOAS for free legal aid! NOAS wants contact with all these families, including those who already have a lawyer working on their case.

NOAS launches the webpage ‘Become wiser’

“People will die, people will be (gang) raped, and 8 year olds will be beaten up in attempted robberies with today’s asylum/integration politics” “The idiotically naïve intake of happiness seekers like you guys, who are on benefits as soon as you get in, must stop” This is how asylum seekers are talked about online.
point of no return

Experiences with detention

The project ‘A face to the story: the issue of unreturnable migrants in detention’ has gathered the experiences of unreturnable migrants in detention in Belgium, France, Hungary and the United Kingdom, and has recently launched the report ‘Point of no return: The futile detention of unreturnable migrants’.
Illustration photo: Syrian refugees queue for relief items at Jordan's Za'atri camp. Photo: UNHCR/S.Malkawi

The stories of Syrian refugees

The European Council on Refugees an Exiles (ECRE) has recently published two interviews reporting on the Syrian refugee crisis.


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