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The NOAS’ campaign #ajewelforarefugee

On the occasion of the Government’s proposal of 40 measures that will restrict the rights of refugees, NOAS has started a campaign #ajewelforarefugee (#etsmykkeforenflyktning).

New scheme for some forcibly returned families

The new scheme for some families who were forcibly returned from Norway was applied Monday 15 June. The scheme implies that some families with children who had stayed in Norway for a long period can now have their cases reconsidered.

Cynical policy behind State Secretary’s visit to Asmara

In NOAS’ view, a Norwegian return agreement with Eritrea is impossible.

So You Think You Can Stay?

Amir Najjer was tortured by masked men and accused of cooperating with Israeli troops. In Norway, his application for asylum has been rejected. The authorities say he can go to Gaza, although UNHCR recommends that no one is returned there. Now Amir has entered the game show So You THink You Can Stay and hopes ...

UNHCR criticizes Danish report on Eritrea

A new Danish immigration report on Eritrea has caused a political storm in Denmark. Both contributors to the report and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, have heavily criticized the report.


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